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"stopping advertising to save money
is like stopping your watch to save time"

Direct R.O.I with
Paid Advertising

Cost Effective

Social media advertising has one of the highest ROI’s of all advertising. You can spend $5 to reach 1,000 people. 3x cheaper than traditional media advertising.

Fast Results

Social media advertising allows you to reach your target audience instantly. Campaigns work throughout the day, continuing to reach potential customers with results coming in hourly.

Specific Consumers

Digital Advertising's advantage is its ability to target exactly who you want. We create custom audience pools based off of your social and website analytics, ensuring we market to the right people.

campaigns that convert

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation is the process of creating a set of content whether video or photo (video is better), and advertising this to a selected audience. At Darling&Cook we specialize in creating campaigns that convert. Creative, professional and personable campaigns that are designed to deliver you results.

Minimising Risk, Maximizing Profit

Data Driven Approach

At Darling&Cook we don't take risks. Guessing is never part of our process. We take a data driven approach to all of our services, but specifically our paid advertising. Constantly A/B testing and deriving conclusion from metrics. We constantly optimize your campaigns to minimise risk and maximize profits.

your money not ours

Full Transparency

As simple as we can put it, this is your money not ours.

Our Process

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Add to Cart Button Animation on Hover

This example showcases moving lines around an image. The image also has a 3d rotation on hover.

do the honors,
hover over the button!


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