Managing your social medias can be time consuming,
painful and overall a headache. Especially when you feel
like you're not getting something out of it. We'll take it off
your hands while delivering you results so you can focus on
your business.

"The Best Place TO Hide
a body is page 2 of Google"

Build your community with SMM

Be Different

In a world of noise and clutter its never been more important to stand out. Differentiating your business from competitors and creating your own pathway through social media.

Brand Awareness

Your social medias can be one of your most effective ways of communicating with your potential customers. We ensure that your brand is being seen the best way possible.

Target New Customers

At Darling & Cook we focus on developing a social media presence that drives traffic the right traffic to your website. We target the right consumers to ensure your leads turn into sales.

content that delivers

Content Creation

Creating content is our speciality. Cultivating content that
not only fits your business but grows it as well. In both video and photo form, we design content that looks good, converts and leaves your followers wanting more.


Attract Customers

The bond that you are able to build with your audience on social media is incomparable to anything in marketing. Engaging directly with your audience to increase brand loyalty, awareness and sales. We design content and engage with your community to ensure that you're not only creating awareness but you're seeing results in the back-end.

optimizing every aspect

Refine & Expand

Once content has been posted we continue to monitor the activity on each post. Optimizing content, drawing conclusions from analytics to ensure that we are continually improving your business in the digital world, ensuring your accounts are always growing and never stalling.

Our Process

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Add to Cart Button Animation on Hover

This example showcases moving lines around an image. The image also has a 3d rotation on hover.

do the honors,
hover over the button!


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